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I think i just paid a bribe
Anonymous on 12/24/17

I met a public servant who offered to help me track my mother’s pension benefit. He requested for a fee for photocopy. I gave him 4,000. I think I just paid a bribe.

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  • Onemade Made on 1/31/18

    very bad of you

  • Now, there's a saying that if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything, I believe that you should have stood up to him and told him the truth. 

  • Ik on 2/28/18

    It's a photocopy fee. It's not a bribe.

  • Danielle Adefolaju on 3/1/18

    It’s good you feel bad. That’s the first step to anti corruption. Pls don’t do it again so u don’t become a hypocrite 

  • Ken Henshaw on 3/2/18

    Sometimes corrupt practices are so carefully guised that it is difficult to separate them from real and genuine requests. For instance when a Policeman asks you for money to buy a notepad to enter your statement. It sounds ok at first. You know the Nigerian situation and you ask 'they probably did not provide any for them'. It take more discerning to know the fraud. We must eternally be on the alert. 

  • Waseem on 3/7/18

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  • jenmi ganiu on 1/9/19

    both the giver and the taker are corrupt, let us all stop the act of corruption. shun corruption, it is evil.