Anti-corruption in Akwa Ibom State Transport Sector
Peace Edem on 9/23/18

We must reduce corruption in the transport sector of Akwa Ibom State


  • Aniesco Akpan on 11/10/18

    [11/10, 08:50] Bar Clifford Thomas: In Uyo town, there are no known bus stops any where. Consequently, taxi drivers and Keke riders stop wherever they see space. Yesterday, a keke rider dropped a passenger along a street near a fast food joint. In the process, a police patrol team arrested the keke man, impounded his keke on  a flimsy charge of wrong packing. The Patrol team also demanded a sum of #2, 000.00 from the Keke rider as a bail out. Since the man couldn't afford the bail out, his keke was taken to the station until he is able or willing to pay the said amount. The keke man went away in tears. After narrating his ordeal to a friend who happens to know me, the friend called me and I went to that station with the keke man. I insisted to know the offence of that keke man, but they couldn't tell me anything. I made them to know that that was a serious violation of the man's right. How could u seize the man's source of income, and still tell him to go and bring money, for what? Of course they hurriedly released the keke without collecting a dime, plus apologies to the poor man.

    [11/10, 08:55] Bar Clifford Thomas: This is the proactive intervention of a serving senior police officer,  John Abia, DPO, Urban, to prevent human rights abuse. Change is possible. We can do it together. Let's celebrate him.

  • Nkang on 11/16/18

    We have no choice corruption has to go