Youth Anti-Corruption Partinership
Okwutepa Cmr Prince on 9/23/18


 with Support from Youth Alive Foundation YAF, YPAC project.

By Okwutepa Aminu Oseni 

The anti corruption youth partnership is a coalition of youth focus Civil Society Organization and youth groups in kogi state which aimed at exposing, amplifying, and creating aweaness among the Youth on the fight against corruption. The overall goal of the project is to strengthen advocacy to State Government to sign up to Open government partnership in Nigeria, (OGP) for accountability and transparency in governance, open government partnership (OGP) is a strong tool in the prevention and fight against corruption, is a tailored stakeholder’s engagement aimed at promoting transparency and accountability in Governance, focal areas of this project, are promoting fiscal transparency, improve citizens engagement in governance, access to information and anti corruption. If kogi state sign up to this initiative it will be rated as the first state in North Central Nigeria to embrace the Open Government Partnership, which is in line in the fight against corruption. This project seek to mobilize the young people to advocate for the signing up to OGP by the state government in kogi state.



Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a strong tool in the prevention and fight against corruption.

One of the major driving forces for the blockade in the flow of developmental funding from the International community and funding agencies is the lack of openness, transparency and accountability in spending of public funds.

OGP was launched on 20th September 2011 to provide an international platform for domestic reformers to make governments more transparent , accountable and responsive to citizens

There are eight founding members: Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Phillipines, Norway, South Africa, United Kingdom, and United States.


Transperancy: Information on government activities and decisions is open and accessible. 

Accountability: Rules, regulations and Mechanisms are in place that call upon government actors to justify their actions, act upon criticisms or requirements made of them and accept responsibility for failure to perform

Citizens Participation: Has the capacity and capability of Being a platform/basis for mobilization of citizens to engage in Public Debate, provide input, and make contributions that lead to more responsive and effective governance

Technology and Innovation: Encourages member states / state actors to see the importance of new technologies, thereby encouraging and increasing their capacity to use Such new technologies with the attendant benefits 


President Muhammadu Buhari on 12th May 2016 at The London Anti Corruption Summit, made commitment to Nigeria signing up to OGP

President Muhammadu Buhari, in July 2016  formally signed up to the Open Government partnership (OGP) in Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari established an OGP secretariat in the Federal Ministry of Justice, led by a Coordinator who also doubles as the Special Adviser to the President on Social Justice Reforms. 

Nigeria since the sign up and commencement of implementation of OGP has developed a National actionplan for implementation.

A National steering Committee comprising of equal number of state actors and civil society has been set up with the OGP national secretariat led Mrs Juliet Ibekaku, Special Adviser to the President on Social Justice Reforms and Coordinator of OGP National Secretariat. 

Nigeria signed up as the 20th Country member of the OGP Internationally. All States in Nigeria are expected to sign up to OGP

3 states have so far signed up: Kaduna, Anambra and Kano


Multilateral and International Donor Agencies would be favourably disposed to partnering with states that sign up

Foreign Direct Investments would improve


Multilateral and International Donor Agencies would be favourably disposed to partnering with states that sign up

Foreign Direct Investments would improve hence access to additional development funds in Kogi State

Open Government Partnership (OGP) will support the New Direction Agenda in the fight against corruption in Kogi State.

Ranking of Kogi State by Transparency International and other such agencies would greatly improve

Kogi State will be the first State in North Central Nigeria and 4th State in Nigeria after Kaduna, Kano and Anambra States to sign up to OGP

Seen as foremost tool in fight against corruption by the Federal Government


Review and understand the National Action Plan (NAP)

Write a  formal letter of intent signed by Your Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi State, indicating the willingness of Kogi State to sign up to Open Government Partnership.  

Appoint a Special Adviser on Civil Society and Coordinator of the OGP Secretariat in Kogi State

Put in place a State steering Committee/platform comprising of equal number of State Actors and Civil Society Organizations for implementation of OGP engagements in Kogi State

Develop a State Action Plan (SAP)

Thank you YAF for this wonderful opportunity to advocate for good governance and the fight against corruption 


  • Aniesco Akpan on 11/10/18

    [11/10, 08:50] Bar Clifford Thomas: In Uyo town, there are no known bus stops any where. Consequently, taxi drivers and Keke riders stop wherever they see space. Yesterday, a keke rider dropped a passenger along a street near a fast food joint. In the process, a police patrol team arrested the keke man, impounded his keke on  a flimsy charge of wrong packing. The Patrol team also demanded a sum of #2, 000.00 from the Keke rider as a bail out. Since the man couldn't afford the bail out, his keke was taken to the station until he is able or willing to pay the said amount. The keke man went away in tears. After narrating his ordeal to a friend who happens to know me, the friend called me and I went to that station with the keke man. I insisted to know the offence of that keke man, but they couldn't tell me anything. I made them to know that that was a serious violation of the man's right. How could u seize the man's source of income, and still tell him to go and bring money, for what? Of course they hurriedly released the keke without collecting a dime, plus apologies to the poor man.

    [11/10, 08:55] Bar Clifford Thomas: This is the proactive intervention of a serving senior police officer,  John Abia, DPO, Urban, to prevent human rights abuse. Change is possible. We can do it together. 

  • Nkang on 11/16/18

    Woah this is wonderful. Kudos