```By Eldr. Comr. Kikiowo Ayoade D.``` 

I am curious and have a couple of questions, i don't have the answers,  ```is stupidity that makes a man keeps doing something the same way and expect different answer.``` The 2019 presidential election is less than 80days from now, marking the 7th election after the eradication of military government in 1999 and since then we have been on the path of self-Governance (Democracy), but can we really quantify our progress with the time spent❔

Early this year, the country's political atmosphere was prime to depose the old order, youths taking over the country’s leadership, #NotTooYoungRun bill, the #ReadyToRun, the Operation Red Card campaign, the #TooOldToRun campaign, the Presidential Aspirant Come Together (PACT) movement and lot more… citizen where filled with the spirit that the country is about taking a U-turn in the right direction. 

It was amazing, how all that changed as soon as the two major political parties APC and PDP, declared their presidential candidate, the climate changed from a call to responsible leadership, to champion of the old order we stood against, and a vision less leader who had successfully dis-humanize our people through their failure to eradicate poverty.

Even more amazing is that the youth clamoring for youth in politic are now the ones championing buhari and atiku’s campaign, hiding under various umbrella  like; the youth don’t have winning structure, they don’t have money, their just two party in Nigeria, they should go start from  local government level and lot more. Are we not making the same mistake again❔

Let take quick look at the recent election conducted early this year; the osun and ekiti election which was faced blatantly with allegation of vote buying which isn’t in any way different from ballot box snatching and election rigging, we saw how security operative meant to maintain peace and order at polling unit were being used as intimidating bodies by the two major political party, negating the true meaning of democracy. Should we expect less for the coming election❓

Official launch of campaign by INEC was on the 18th of November, 2018, yet, our Electioneer campaign is nothing to write about, instead of our politician working on ways to communicate their manifesto, policies, stands( presidential debates) and programs they have to elevate the live of citizens, they rather gather political investors to raise funds to be channeled into vote buying and election ringing. Can this path lead us to the promise land❓ ????????‍♀

A lot of security threat have posed ahead of the election, we heard the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) calling all her members to boycott the general election, saying that the sitting President isn't the real PMB and also vowed that no election will take place in the south-eastern part of the country, we still have the book-haram terrorist group killing our people and army in the north-east, the herders vs. farmers and many more threat, which will cause low turnout of voters in this area, with no presidential aspirant communicating practical plans to tackle the security insurgency the country is facing. Do will think things will change after❓

We all have to get involve in the country politic, Plato said and I quote “ ```if the intellectual shy away from politic the we be governed by their inferior``` ".  To change our country harvest, we have to change the technology of planting (the motive of electing leaders) , it’s high time we look beyond the political framework????, ethnical background, religion, and we should embrace meritocracy; let leave the era of there just two political parties in Nigeria, let evaluate all our option.

I will end this by saying " ```I am too relevant for my generation to go through it without making notable  impact``` ". The  voice of the people, is the voice of God!!!

God bless Ondo State!!!

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Kikiowo Ayoade D.  is the president, reformation movement of Nigeria(futa), a nation building strategist, a unionist, policy analyst and a student of the federal university of technology akure.

Email: joykay02@gmail.com , Twitter: @kikiowo ayoade, Facebook: / kikiowo ayoade, website: www.ay4president.com.ng